Electric Woodworking Power Chisel Set




  • Are You Tired Of Always Searching For The Right Wood Carving Tool.

The Power Chisel Set is theNEWquick and easy professional tool set to get the job done – with controllable and continuous carving flow.

It is designed to give yougreater powerandaccuracybecause both hands are used to guide the tool through the cut. Even thehardest woodsare no problem as the angle grinder motor drives this tool withplenty of power.The chisels are onlyactivatedwhenpressedinto the workpiece, making theElectric Woodworking Power Chiselan extremely safe tool.

  • Carve relief
  • Carve letters and signs
  • Fine details on sculptures
  • Make tenon connection


  • Designed to give you greater power and accuracy
  • Both hands are used to guide the tool through the cut
  • Even the hardest woods are no problem
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Safety, effectively improve the efficiency of your work
  • Durable And Not Easily Damaged


Perfect For anyskill level novice or highly skilled.Great forcrafting bespoke furniture, creating and installing crown molding and baseboards, or whittling stunning sculptures,thisElectric Woodworking Power Chiselset will provide you with indispensable tools forwoodworking projectsin whichprecision is vital!Very easy to use and maintain.

  • Deep Profile
  • Detail Carving
  • Rough Shaping


  • 1* Chisel Adapter;
  • 2* Chisel;
  • 4* Gasket;
  • 2* Spindle Nut (m10/m14);

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